Creative Recruitment Techniques to Find Hidden Talent During Interviews

  • Recruitment
  • Published on May 29


Ever wondered if you're really getting the full picture in an interview? Sometimes, the best talents aren't obvious—they're hidden beneath the surface, waiting for the right questions or conditions to shine through. Let's explore some creative interview techniques that can help you spot these hidden gems.

1. Behavioural Questions that Reveal More

Dig Deeper: Behavioural Questions That Tell a Bigger Story

Instead of the usual “What are your strengths?” dive into specific, scenario-based questions. Ask candidates to describe a time when they solved a difficult problem or led a team through a challenging project. Their answers can give you insights into their real-world application of skills and innovative thinking capabilities.

2. Role-Playing Scenarios

Put Them in the Spotlight: Role-Playing for Real Insights

Seeing is believing! Give candidates a hypothetical situation related to the job and watch how they handle it. This could be handling a difficult client call or resolving a quick-fire crisis. Role-playing not only shows you their thinking process but also their interpersonal and problem-solving skills in action.

3. Group Interviews

The More the Merrier: Group Interviews to Spark Interaction

How do candidates interact with potential colleagues? Group interviews can be telling. Observe how they communicate, assert their ideas, and collaborate with others. This setup also helps identify leaders and team players, crucial traits that might not be apparent in one-on-one interviews.

4. Practical Tasks

Test Drive: Practical Tasks that Demonstrate Real Skills

Sometimes, the proof is in the pudding. Provide candidates with a task or project that they would be expected to handle on the job. This method is particularly effective for technical roles where practical skills are as important as theoretical knowledge.

5. Unconventional Questions

Think Outside the Box: Unconventional Questions to Uncover Unique Traits

Throw in a curveball question that they might not have prepared for. For example, “If you were an app, which one would you be and why?” This can help you gauge creativity, problem-solving skills, and personality, offering a glimpse into how they might mesh with your company’s culture.


By stepping up your interview game with these creative techniques, you're more likely to uncover candidates' hidden talents and potential. It's all about creating the right environment where candidates can truly showcase their abilities and fit for your team.

These strategies are not just about finding the right skills but also about understanding how candidates can grow with your company and contribute to its long-term success. Ready to transform your interview process?